A tribute to Gaudí and his art was the theme chosen for this year’s Nativity scene at the La Salle School in Valladolid, with wonderful representations of the main works of the Catalan master in a spectacular montage. The Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell, El Capricho de Comillas or the Artigas gardens make up scenes along with recreations designed using artificial intelligence that incorporate elements of La Pedrera or the Palau Güell.

Tradition and modernity thus combine to give a framework to the figures of the Nativity, the Three Wise Men, the shepherds and the artisans of the time of Jesus that are recreated in Gaudí’s work. It is worth highlighting the level of thoroughness to reproduce the details: the characters’ clothing, the fruits, the food, the tools, the utensils, the vegetables, and the architect’s office was also staged, visible through the windows. In its production – just as in Gaudí’s work – recycled materials play a major role: cardboard, Styrofoam, plaster, newspaper, fabrics, and even crocheted pieces, and natural plants were used in its decoration.

The objective was to recreate Gaudí’s work without attempting to make a copy of his art but rather to pay a respectful tribute and bring it closer to children and adults through an imaginative and didactic proposal. ‘La Navidad de Gaudí’ is the title of this magnificent installation of more than 40 m² that can be visited until January 6. The Nativity Scene, designed and built throughout the year by a team of volunteers led by Marga Cagigal, continues a tradition at the School that began 80 years ago.