Gaudí’s artistic vision inspires the first edition of the street furniture competition to be manufactured using 3D printing, which was organized by the Benito Firm with the collaboration of the Antonio Gaudí Foundation, the Ajuntament de La Pobla de Lillet, Lagula Arquitectes and Aridditive. Under the motto “Gaudí’s footprint”, FormArt3D contest is destined to students and graduates in design, architecture, engineering and related disciplines and it will reward innovative concrete proposals that can be 3D printed, to merge Gaudí’s artistic vision with the technological avant-garde.

The two works by Gaudí in La Pobla de Lillet, the Artigas gardens and the Chalet de Catllaràs. Photos Fundación Antonio Gaudí and Centre Estudis Lillet

El Berguedà, where Eusebi Güell promoted the construction of the first cement factory in Spain, and Gaudí left two magnificent works in La Pobla de Lillet, the Artigas gardens and the Chalet de Catllaràs, once again plays a leading role in the 21st century, when challenges around sustainability and the optimization of natural resources lead us to rethink the use of concrete. In this way, the place where cement manufacturing was born in Spain is once again the epicenter of innovation around 3D printing with concrete.