To achieve its goals of research and transmite the principles of sustainable architecture of Gaudí and apply them to the development of architectural and urban projects considering the natural and social characteristics of different regions, Antonio Gaudí Foundation carries out diverse activities.


The Antonio Gaudi Foundation extends its experience in research and publishing Gaudí's work on one of the least explored aspects of his legacy: his constant search for solutions in the area of sustainable architecture. It embodies in countless resources and techniques in his work that marked him as a precursor of sustainability. These concepts are applied in architectural design, urban planning and cooperation undertaken by the Foundation.


The founding architects involved in about a hundred of restoration projects, including several works of Antonio Gaudi as Casa Calvet, Park Güell and Casa Batlló. Among the many other buildings of historical and monumental character we should mention Cathedral of Barcelona, the Bishop's Palace at La Seu d'Urgell or Palau Palau church in Barcelona.


The Foundation carries out a task of research, collaborative management, cataloging and access to archives and funds relating to the architecture of Antonio Gaudi and issues related to sustainable and bioclimatic architecture, as well as attention to researchers and students interested in Gaudí’s work.


The courses are related to the Foundation programs. Its aim is to promote research for the development of human habitat in harmony with the environment according to the legacy of Gaudí, as well as to stimulate innovation and improvement of pollution-free technologies applicable in construction in order to improve the quality life of people.


Within the diffusion project, the cycles of lectures have as their axis the sustainable development of the human habitat, the innovation and improvement of non-polluting technologies applicable in construction.


The Antonio Gaudí Foundation regularly organizes exhibitions that deal with issues related to their goals. In addition to these exhibitions, partnerships with other entities are made.


As part of the difussion program, the Antonio Gaudí Foundation publicizes research and collaborations through its website and the publication of books, articles, exhibition catalogs, etc. as a means to promote and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.


Development of architectonic and urbanistic cooperation projects based on the pillars of environmental, social and economic sustainability.