A Barcelona interdisciplinary team built a complex with 22 classrooms, a library and services for the Casamance community.

The structures are catalan vaults with a parabolic profile, with a cover to protect them from atmospheric agents. The pavements are of trencadís of waste ceramics.

Photos: Noemí de la Peña. El Periódico

The team that carried out this project was led by Lluís Morón, graphic designer and David Garcia, architect.

Gaudinian inspiration is manifested in the forms and techniques: catalan vaults with a parabolic section of 6 x 6 x 10 meters built with bricks made with local soil, reinforced with 7% cement. The soils also include the technique that Gaudí used frequently: trencadís from waste material.

In summary, a happy adaptation not only of the techniques, but also of the spirit of one of the many facets of Gaudí’s work: the construction with economic materials taking full advantage of its properties and characteristics and its implementation by the formation of the bricklayers involved in it.