The Antonio Gaudí Foundation collaborates through an agreement with the Fundación Econciencia of Argentina. It was agreed to work on two cooperation projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people living in isolated areas lacking infrastructure and basic services.
The objective is to equip them with tools that facilitate their development in their living places. In this way, by promoting their establishment in dignified conditions, will avoid their displacement to the big cities, which entails the risk of overcrowding in marginal settlements due to the lack of access to housing and work.

The first project is a Sustainable Satellite Communication Station. Its purpose is to allow the connection via internet to settlers of areas where this service does not reach. The projected module includes the satellite antenna with its corresponding accessories and the photovoltaic energy generating equipment incorporating all the complements, since the service of provision of electric energy is also usually a lack in many peripheral areas.

The station is easily transportable, detachable and reusable. It will be complemented with the development of specific channels in social networks to allow the exchange of contents.
It is intended in a first stage to reach 200 families living in isolated areas of the west of the province of Cordoba, Argentina.

The second project within the collaboration agreement with the Fundación Econciencia is a self-sufficient multipurpose space module. Its goal is to provide a built surface that meets adequate environmental conditions to be installed in areas lacking services and capable of operating autonomously. It can be used for school, doctor's office and home, or any other

It is built with metal structure that includes the floor and the roof with the corresponding insulation, a sanitary module with solar thermal panel for sanitary hot water, photovoltaic panels with their accessories to produce 1000 Wp, rainwater tank of 1000 liter and satellite antenna for internet connection .

Its ​​21 m²area is designed in submodules that allow adding new surfaces. It is transported disassembled in medium size vehicles and its mounting can be carried out by two people. The vertical enclosures will be made in situ with local materials. The sanitation facility will also be run on the site, with materials that will be provided too. The recipients of this project are people living in isolation or in small nuclei with a lack of basic services.