The project for a building for a day center for children with ASD inspired by the work of Gaudí has its website. This center, designed with the collaboration of the Antonio Gaudí Foundation, will be located in Mar del Plata (Argentina), promoted by the local N.G.O. ONGAC. A distinctive feature is that it proposes treatment with Assisted Intervention With Animals, in this case cats, for which in turn will house a shelter for stray cats.

It should be noted that in addition to the Gaudinian inspiration, the building complex will incorporate reproductions of the Park Güell pavilions, adapted to the characteristics and scale of the site. This emblematic work by Gaudí had been conceived for the development of a healthy life in contact with nature, and this way of understanding architecture is what we wanted to materialize in this project.

Gateateca will have a triple social, economic and environmental impact. It is a more than 3,000 m² building  which, in addition to its therapy functions for children with ASD, will generate jobs for people with disabilities and will mean an enhancement of the city’s tourist activity with the incorporation of a unique building that will enrich the local heritage.

The Gateateca website that is now being presented exposes in detail the various aspects of the project and describes the spaces that will house the therapeutic activities of the Day Center, the cats shelter, and the veterinary clinic, which are its three fundamental parts, that will be complemented by a  Coworking space, coffee and souvenir shops.