A folding screen from Casa Milà and a double armchair from Casa Calvet will go on auction next March 23th in Lausanne. The furniture, coming from a private collection, are two magnificent examples of Gaudí's design quality and his mastery over materials and techniques.

The first one is an articulated folding screen  in two groups of 5 sheets each, smaller the central ones. The material is oakwood  bossed in relief with gouge. Originally it had polychrome glass, today disappeared. It was part of the decoration of the apartment of Mr. And Mrs. Milà, former owners of the building. Curiously this screen was put up for sale in 1983 without any interest.

Casa Calvet armchair was part of the furniture of the owner’s offices. The material is oak wood too. It highlights the originality of its structure where there is no continuity between the back legs and the backrest support. It is a clear example of the ergonomic conception that Gaudí developed throughout his career.


The pieces will be auctioned by Hotel des Ventes de Lausanne. They can be seen in the Drouot room in Paris on March 19th and 20th. The estimated price is 300,000-400,000 euros.

The files can be consulted in these links:  https://bit.ly/2PTVfZP  https://bit.ly/2It0ZFw