Once again a furnishing result of the creativity of the great architect is up for auction. In this case, it is a very interesting corner piece of furniture for the houseof  his clients Manuel Vicens and Dolors Giralt in Alella. In that town near Barcelona, Gaudí shared summers with them thanks to the friendship they established during the construction of the famous Casa Vicens in Barcelona. The references say that this design along with the one of a fireplace was made by the architect in gratitude for their hospitality.

The piece of furniture in question is a hanging corner cabinet with a square base with two doors, made of cedar wood and inlaid with golden brass and interior lined with velvet. As usual in Gaudí’s work, the fine decorative work and the presence of references to the owners stand out, such as the initials “D” and “G” (Dolors Giralt), intertwined with plant motifs. Bird carvings with metal legs and wings highlight on the corbels of the basement, completing the naturalist allusions showing the quality of Gaudí’s design and his mastery over materials and techniques.

This piece of furniture passed through several generations of descendants of the Vicens until today. The Auction House Lamas Bolaño in Barcelona will auction it next June 20 with a starting price of 95,000 Euros.