An exhibition on Els Quatre Gats shows for the first time two of the images mado of the architect by his assistant Ricard Opisso. One of them is totally unpublished. This is a watercolor on transparency that shows Gaudí at his desk working with his tools.

The second one was known through a photo published on June 11, 1926 in the newspaper “La Publicitat”. It is a charcoal drawing of Gaudí on his deathbed.

Opisso worked in the Sagrada Familia for many years and left several drawings and cartoons of Gaudí, as the well-known image of the architect thinking at his desk. The watercolor presented today to the public for the first time shows him in colors equally absorbed in his work and drawing what looks like a catenary.

The drawing by Opisso in “La Publicitat” 6-11-1926

This magnificent contribution to Gaudí’s knowledge can be seen in an excellent exhibition dedicated to the famous Els Quatre Gats coffee at the Gothsland Gallery in Barcelona that brings together 115 pieces of the great artists who frequented that mythical place.

Other Gaudí drawings made by Opisso where he appears with Eusebio Güell, on his desk and working with Opisso himself