Julio Cortázar and his relationship with Gaudí

The writer Julio Cortázar professed great admiration for Gaudí’s work, which he accredited in an interview for Spanish television in 1977, where he recounted memories of his early childhood and his feelings about the architect’s work. Read more


The project of the Palau Güell

The plans for the Palau Güell were approved on July 27, 1886. Processed under File No. 38-O of the Comisión de Fomento, the procedure had an incident when the tribune of the main floor was objected  as planned. Read more


Antonio Gaudí was born 168 years ago

Antonio Gaudí was born on June 25, 1852, 168 years ago. There is still a controversy over the place of his birth. It was probably in Reus, his mother’s town, although it is also claimed that he was born in the nearby village of Riudoms. Read more


Gaudí and Wright. Two representations of the same vision

On June 8 Frank Lloyd Wright was born, considered the creator of organic architecture. He was the first one who in 1939 used this term for the first time, but that way of creating architecture was materialized decades earlier by himself and by Gaudí too. Read more


The Gaudí dragon in the Finca Güell

The spectacular Dragon gate of Finca Güell is one of the best forging pieces designed by Gaudí. In addition to being the main entrance to the estate, it is an essential part of a symbolic program that materializes in architecture passages from the poem “L’Atlàntida”, by Jacint Verdaguer. Read more


Dalí, Gaudí’s admirer

Salvador Dalí always expressed his admiration for Gaudí’s work, and was one of the first avant-garde artists to do so publicly. The materialization of works against the current of the established marks a parallelism between both geniuses that Dalí insisted on making visible. Read more


Miró and Gaudí

On April 20th, the birth of Joan Miró is remembered. The great painter and Gaudí have much more in common than their works seem to show at first glance. Both were Catalans, world-renowned artists, innovators, experimenters, and tireless workers. Read more


Gaudí, Barcelona and the hygienist town planning

The serious coronavirus pandemic that affects the world these days reminds us that the urban configuration of Barcelona has a relationship with various epidemics of yellow fever and cholera that occurred in the 19th century. Read more


A film about living in La Pedrera

Pablo Burgos-Bosch’s “Living with Gaudí” was presented, a testimony of the more than 50 years that his aunt Carmen has been living in an apartment in the Casa Milà. This is a documentary that includes parts of fiction, which brings together numerous anecdotes and the sensations of the incomparable experience of living in a masterpiece of architecture. Read more


Two Gaudi pieces will be offered in auction

A folding screen from Casa Milà and a double armchair from Casa Calvet will go on auction next March 23th in Lausanne. The furniture, coming from a private collection, are two magnificent examples of Gaudí's design quality and his mastery over materials and techniques. Read more


Two drawings of Gaudí acquired by the MNAC

Two of Gaudí’s famous study drawings for the Colonia Güell church were acquired by the MNAC ( Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya). They are an exterior and an interior view of the temple painted in watercolor on photographic prints of the famous three-dimensional hanging model. Read more


Another Gaudí’s work in Africa?

Because of the fire that devastated the Malabo Cathedral in Equatorial Guinea on January 15, several publications said that Gaudí would have advised the designer, although there are no documents to certify it. Read more


Exhibited an unpublished portrait of Gaudí

An exhibition on Els Quatre Gats shows for the first time two of the images mado of the architect by his assistant Ricard Opisso. One of them is totally unpublished. This is a watercolor on transparency that shows Gaudí at his desk working with his tools. Read more


Built in Senegal a school with forms and techniques inspired by Gaudí

A Barcelona interdisciplinary team built a complex with 22 classrooms, a library and services for the Casamance community. Read more


Gaudí’s original pieces deposited at the Museu del Disseny of Barcelona

36 original Gaudí pieces were deposited in the Museu del Disseny of Barcelona to be permanently exhibited. Read more


Built a replica of the waterfall of Casa Vicens

The Museu de les Aigües rebuilt the waterfall-viewpoint of the Casa Vicens, demolished in 1945. In Cornellà de Llobregat, near Barcelona, the Museu de les Aigües included since a few weeks ago a replica of this unfortunately disappeared monument. Read more


Going forward the construction of the Evangelist towers in the Sagrada Familia

The current efforts focus on the conclusion of the 4 towers of the Evangelists. The towers of the Evangelists will flank the great central tower. Read more


The restoration of the facade of Casa Batlló

This restoration has been a great planning and execution challenge. According to the architect responsible for the work: “The facade was updated. Now we have reached the origin of things. ” Read more


“Yo, Gaudí”, a novel about the life of the architect recently published

Xavier Güell, descendant of Eusebi Güell, Gaudí’s friend and patron, has just published Yo Gaudí (Galaxia Gutenberg), a novel about the architect.  Read more